Need help solving some business problem(s) with technology? Bewildered by whether you should use an off-the-rack solution or build your own in-house? Need a contractor to deliver quality software solutions to solve your custom business needs? ✨**Look no further!**✨

Hi, 👋 I'm TzeYiing and I provide consultancy services, including contracting and advisory services to solve business problems. Regardless of how technical your background is, I'll be able to help you navigate the tech world, provide the best solution for you.

I specialize in low-maintenance custom software solutions, meaning that you have less headaches over the long term, with a practically “set-and-forget” mentality. Out-of-the-box and third-party solutions are recommended based on business circumstances.

I am flexible with programming languages. Languages primarily used are JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Elixir, Go. Open to projects using other languages as well.

Talk to me about your project at

For long-term clients, retainers are available.

Example Areas Covered

  • Frontend: Dashboard building, UI building and styling, static websites, charts, analytics dashboarding, UI component development, bundler configuration.
  • Backend: JSON API servers, HTML templating, machine learning servers and microservices, high availability and redundancy solutions, search and logging
  • Automation: Browser automation and scripting, server scripting, desktop gui-app scripting, web crawling.

Technical Project Preferences

I highly welcome certain types of projects, namely:

  • Data engineering and analysis with Python, inclusive of ML model building
  • Web-crawling (and in particular, in Elixir with Crawly, of which I am one of the maintainers)
  • Full-stack development in Elixir with Phoenix LiveView
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